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First, the barrel is carefully disassembled with the same reverence in which it was made. Then, they are re-purposed into designs that walk the line between functionality and art. Our latest offerings include: 

  • Wall Mount Openers
  • Stave Bottle Openers
  • Barrel Woodchips
  • Tap Handles
  • Barrel Head Signs (Varied Brands & Custom)
  • Barrel Head Clocks


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Our Story

Where does the life of a barrel end?

At New Holland Brewing Company, we like to think that the life of our barrels is endless.

Our on-site wood shop, BarrelWorks Project, is a testament to that belief. These barrels come into our hands as well-storied vessels, ready for their next journey. Through our artist roots, this oak gets a second – or even third— life.

Our bourbon barrel furniture and decor takes its cues from the same artisan approach that New Holland uses in its craft beer and spirits. Quality. Handcrafted. Local.


Steve “Coop” Raad is the Head Craftsman of BarrelWorks Project, and has fostered the ingenuity behind these art pieces for a few years now. When Coop started, we were only making barrel head signs, but one Christmas he crafted our barrel stave opener as a secret Santa gift—and BarrelWorks Project was born. Now, we ensure that the life of a barrel goes full circle, right down to using the woodchips in the kitchen at our pub. Coop ensures our barrel art goes to a new level—setting us apart from the rest.

Our creative approach reveals our fierce belief that handcrafted products are an essential part of living a remarkable life. 


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